Welcome to Moshav Lachish

About the Moshav

Moshav Lachish was founded in 1955 as an agricultural village. Today, there are 230 households on the Moshav, making up approximately 800 residents. Of these, 66 have active agricultural farmsteads.

On the Moshav one will find table grape vines planted on an area of approximately 5,000 dunams (500 Hectares), with close to 30 different varieties of green, red and black grapes, which are co-marketed under the "Tali Grapes" brand.  Lachish's grapes are market leaders, the "high-tech" of agriculture, and they are required to comply with quality standards, controlled and supervised pest control as well as environmental protection regulations.

On the Moshav there are also farmsteads that grow other crops such as vegetables and herbs, some do chicken farming, dairy farming, beekeeping for honey, there is a paddock, and some grow chamelaucium (waxflowers), pomegranates, asparagus seeds, and more. There are also cooperative fields used for growing field crops.  

About 250 foreign workers from Thailand and trainees from other countries also live on the Moshav.

A little bit about "Tali Grapes"

Tali Grapes"Tali Grapes" is the brand name of the cooperative agricultural organization belonging to the grape growers on Moshav Lachish.

The organization was established in 1966, with the purpose of marketing the grapes and the other agricultural produce of the members of the Lachish Association directly to markets and market chains in Israel and abroad. The sophisticated marketing system is managed using a combination of business principles together with the principles of cooperative work and mutual assistance.

Grapes, different fruits, vegetables and flowers are marketed and exported within the framework of "Tali Grapes".  The marketing scope of the grapes, fruits and vegetables is over 21,000 tons per year, including the export of grapes to leading customers overseas, especially to England.


Where is Moshav Lachish situated?   

Map of Lachish's area

Moshav Lachish is situated about an hour's drive (55 km) south of Tel Aviv, on Road 3415, in an area called "Hevel Lachish" (Lachish Geographic Region).  

The closest city to the Moshav is Kiryat Gat, which is located about 9 km west of the Moshav, on Road 35, and some neighboring communities include Sde -Moshe, Amatzia, Shekef and Eliav.

The "Dan BaDarom" bus company runs a bus line (line 64) from Kiryat Gat to the Moshav several times a day.  

What will you find on the Moshav and in it's environment?

At the center of the Moshav is a small shop where one can purchase food, toiletries and household goods.

Hours of Operation: Sunday - Thursday, 06:30-20:00 and Friday 06:30 - 15:00 (please note - these times change according to winter and summer time).

Sports facilities for the use and wellbeing of the residents. Please keep the Moshav's sports fields and facilities clean.

Tel Lachish National Park - adjacent to the Moshav you will find Tel Lachish, one of Israel's most important archaeological sites.  

Among the ruins you will find evidence of grape-growing in ancient times, so, in fact, today's farmers are continuing the 3000-year-old tradition of growing grapes in the area.   

Link to Bet Guvrin on the Nature and Parks Authority site.

Rules of conduct on the Moshav

Waste and recycling corner

In Israel much effort is put into the advancement and improvement of the issue of treatment of waste and recycling.  At the center of the Moshav you will find a recycling facility that is only used for household waste.   

Wait must be thrown in the waste bins only! It is forbidden to leave or throw waste anywhere (in the recycling corner or in general), apart from in the waste bins!

Cartons and waste from the agricultural areas or the farmsteads must be taken at the suitable times to "Frida" - the waste separation center for farmers (see below).  

"Frida"- the waste separation center for farmers takes cartons, nets, plastic, irrigation pipes, fertilizer tanks, etc.  The center is open three times a week.

Hours of Operation: Monday and Thursday 10:00 - 13:00, Friday 13:30 - 16:30

Noise - during the weekends you can listen to music until 22:00. During the week it is customary to keep quiet from 21:30 at the latest.

Keeping dogs - In Israel we are currently dealing with severe cases of rabies in wild animals. Rabies is dangerous for animals (not only dogs) as well as for people and may even cause death.  Please refrain from raising dogs or do so in in coordination with the farm owner.

Hunting in Israel is strictly prohibited.  

Welcome to Moshav Lachish, we wish you a pleasant stay with us!